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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Dems Dusting Off White Flags

Losers. The Dems are getting ready to accept defeat on a whole new round of surrender votes.

Under [Pinky] Reid's plan, the Senate will cast separate votes on whether to cut off funding for combat next year, order troop withdrawals within four months, impose stricter standards on the length of combat tours and rescind congressional authorization for the Iraqi invasion.

The measures likely will be offered as amendments to the 2008 defense authorization bill, a measure that approves $649 billion in military spending. (source)

I understand that they're doing this to appease the radical left faction of their party, but that's a very small strategy.

All the Dems on teh sane side of the extreme left will watch their party's leadership strain mightily to pass nothing, not even a gnat. They will watch as they insult our troops and give hope to our enemies with the clear knowledge that this harm will be done for nothing.
How can the Reid posse see gain in this fixation with defeat, with each defeat feeding Bush, the GOP and the supporters of the war?

Easy. It feels so good for them to rail against Bush and bask in the bloggy glow of Kosworld that, like a meth addict, they take another hit ... never realizing that, politically speaking, their teeth are falling out, scabs are opening up all over their faces, and their bodies are wasting away.

Addiction, in this case to Bush hatred, is a terrible, terrible thing.

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