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Monday, June 11, 2007

Thank You, Mr. Schumer And Mr. Reid

Republicans can ask for no greater gift than our Bush-blinded Democratic Senate.

How many times will Harry and Chuck (pictured) and Teddy et. al. waste the time of what was once the world's greatest deliberative body with spiteful, immature measures that are doomed to fail? And who really cares, anyway, because foolishness like this will just drive down the Dems in the polls:
Senate Republicans thwarted Democratic efforts to regain momentum in their bid to oust Alberto Gonzales from the Justice Department, blocking a symbolic vote that would have repudiated the attorney general for miscues ranging from the firing of U.S. attorneys to the administration's domestic surveillance program. ...

The Senate vote was 53 to 38, seven shy of what was needed to move on to a full vote on the no-confidence motion, pushed by Sen. Charles Schumer, Democrat of New York. Mr. Schumer has led the charge to investigate the prosecutor firings last year, and the vote is a rare setback for him. Democrats have charged that the firings were for partisan reasons, though thousands of documents released by the Justice Department and dozens of interviews with Justice officials haven't yielded proof of that. (source)
Following the failed anti-war resolutions, Reid and Schumer should have known this unprecedented and quaintly European no confidence vote would fail as well. But they are hardly leaders; they are just vengeful little brats, so they pressed on with their ongoing temper tantrum, thinking like a toddler that if they yell loudly enough long enough, they'll get their way. The result was a delight to those of us who enjoy a good political farce.

I'm not a big AG AG fan, but I'm with Bush on sticking it to the Dems on this one. Why give them a victory when they haven't found any sin on Gonzales' part, especially when we know they'd subject his replacement to a disgusting confirmation process?

Let them wallow in their failure.

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