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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Indonesians Nab A Nasty

If Ward Churchill can have his "Little Eichmanns," we can have our "Little bin Ladens," and I'd certainly count him among that bunch, complicit as he is in advancing the cause of anti-Americanism.

Then there are your "Big Eichmanns" and "Big bin Ladens." The guy in the fuzzy photo, Abu Dujana, is one of the latter, the head of Indonesia's lethal Islamist killing machine, Jemaah Islamiah (JI).

JA was behind the Bali night club bombings and attacks on the Australian embassy and a Marriott Hotel, among a string of jihadist attacks on innocents, and that nice looking young fellow was the master-mind of the group until Indonesian forces nabbed him Saturday.

It took until today for them to confirm his identity. BBC reports:
Now he is in custody, he will face a long list of questions about different attacks in Bali, Jakarta and the island of Sulawesi.

Police also want to question him about a series of attacks they say were being planned on an undisclosed location.

Earlier this year security forces found a large cache of bombs and bomb-making materials - enough, they say, to make an explosion four times as powerful as that used in any previous attack.

Analysts say Abu Dujana has key information about logistics and operations within JI, and his arrest will be a serious blow to the organisation.

"With this arrest we have successfully stopped acts of terrorism in the future," said police spokesman Sisno Adiwinoto. "He was a key figure in the terrorist network in Indonesia."
Now comes the information gathering, hopefully without the whines and protests of a bunch of Little bin Ladens who want to make sure Dujana's cell is comfortable, the music isn't too loud and the words "water" and "board" are not put together in the same sentence.