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Friday, April 06, 2007

"Nice And Kind" Iranians Kill Brits As They Release Brits

When the Iranians released the 15 British sailors they had siezed, held, and paraded in public in violation of international law and the Geneva Conventions, there were a lot of nitwits with things to say, like Paul in Manchester, who posted a comment on BBC:
I think it proves the Iranians are actually very nice and kind people and no threat to any country at all. Now the US should release the Iranian officials it captured in Iraq 2 weeks ago and has probably been torturing since. Its the US who are the evil war mongerere [sic, really sic] in the world
Well, Paul in Manchester and the rest of you pathetic, blind to morality lemmings, what do you make of this bit of news about your nice and kind people who pose no threat to any country at all?
The Basra police commander on Friday said the roadside bomb used in an attack that killed four British soldiers had not been used in southern Iraq before, and his description of the deadly weapon indicated it was a feared Iranian-designed explosively formed projectile. ...

The Basra region police commander, Maj. Gen. Mohammed al-Moussawi, said two similar bombs had been discovered Friday morning; one was discovered on the road leading to Basra Palace, the compound that houses a British base and the British and U.S. consulates. A second was uncovered in the western Hayaniyah district where Thursday's attack occurred. The area is known as a stronghold of the Mahdi Army, a militia loyal to radical Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr.
Paul posted on BBC -- a news source that has been listed as one of the primary reasons for Britain's weakness in this war -- so he apparently is not without a news source, albeit a biased one. This morning, BBC isn't carrying the EFP story yet, but Paul doesn't have an excuse for his ignorance because BBC has carried stories about Iran's deadly shenanigans in the past. Paul obviously is reading his news with great selectivity.

Liberals cannot support mere progress. They want it, but only if Utopia is achieved, anything less -- and it's always something less -- is just evidence of the corruption, greed and unenlightenment of everyone but liberals. Therefore, Paul and his robotic brethren must see intervention to stop terrorism as evil.

They might see terrorism as evil too, except that it serves to keep what non-liberals see as "good" society from advancing, which is an even greater evil in their eyes. Advancing means industry, which is anti-Earth Mother. Advancing means offering a better system to others, which is judgmental. Advancing means defending good against evil, which defends judgments weapons and death.

So Paul and the others cower in an angry world of carefully filtered information -- and amazingly, they see their reasoning, their perspective, their total existence superior to ours.

Otto von Bismark once said that in politics stupidity is not a handicap. It certainly doesn't appear to be handicapping the politics of the Left.

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