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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A Fine Poke In The Eye

Bush's message to the Dem-majority Senate: You'd better not leave town!

Just as he took advantage of a Senate holiday to give John Bolton another year as U.N. ambassador, today Bush looked around, saw no lights on in the Senate and appointed Sam Fox as ambassador to Belgium.

Dems had blocked Fox because horror of horrors! he had donated money to Swiftboat Veterans for Truth. Standing by their man John Kerry and his mythical military career, they effectively blocked the nomination, causing State to withdraw it ... until today.

Do you think there might have been one, maybe two, Dem ambassadorial appointments who maybe gave some money to get a Dem prez elected? Strange as it seems, there must not have been; otherwise the Dem action would be outrageously hypocritical.

Speaking of outrageously hypocritical, here's what Mr. Swiftboated himself had to say:
“Our country would be stronger if this Administration spent more time getting body armor for our soldiers in Iraq than it did helping their powerful friends.”
John, is that the opinion you held in Oct. 2003 when you voted against the $83 billion supplemental spending bill for our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan? It seems like $83 billion could buy some serious body armour.

In fact, it did, and the body armour issue is a non-issue today. Kerry would know that, but he's probably been busy writing his memoirs of Christmas in Cambodia.

Of course, we might worry that the good people of Belgium might be a bit incensed by all this and it won't do for our relations with them.

C'mon folks! It's Belgium! It might as well be Kazakhstan; let's not lose sleep.

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