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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Mars Warms, But Humans Still To Blame On Earth

Here's an interesting little tidbit, courtesy of a reasearch team a team led by Lori Fenton of the NASA Ames Research Centre at Moffett Field, California:
The research comes from US planetary scientists, who suggest the Red Planet warmed by about 0.65C from the 1970s to the 1990s, similar to Earth's 0.6C average temperature rise during the 20th Century. (source)
You've probably heard this before, along with the wisecracks about SUV dealerships on the Red Planet. Jokes aside, the research raises serious questions about the impact of solar activity of planetary climate ... and about the simplistic, hysterical allegation that global warming is our fault. (You know about Libs and their guilt.)

The Warmies, of course, are not keen on folks who gum up their fretting with contrary evidence:

"The paper is interesting but it hasn't got anything to do with the question of human impact on global warming on Earth," Dr [Neville] Nicholls [a climate scientist at Monash University in Melbourne] said.

"It's not an excuse to argue that humans are not causing global warming on Earth."

And another:
"It's a nice piece of work," said UNSW climate scientist Andy Pitman. "But there are no implications for Earth."
Oh, really? Care to explain why not?

Look at this as a scientific experiment. You have one petri dish that you think is impacted by human-produced greeenhouse gases. It's temperature has gone up a certain amount. You have another petri dish that doesn't have human-produced greenhouse gases, and it's temperature has gone up an identicial amount.

A true scientist would look at this result and question the impact of human activity on climate change. A true Warmie would simply say it's interesting, but has nothing to do with what's going on here in our petrie dish.

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