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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Why The Dems Don't Like AG AG

Atty Gen Alberto Gonzales is enforcing three Bush directives through his federal attorneys:
  • Prosecuting voter fraud
  • Prosecuting illegal aliens and those that knowingly employ them
  • Pushing hard for death penalties in federal caes.
Should a federal prosecutor fail to aggressively pursue these cases, the Bush administration has every justification should they choose to show that prosecutor the door.

And what kind of prosecutor would have a problem with those directions? A dem perhaps?

Someone who doesn't want voter fraud cases aggressively investigated? Why wouldn't they want voter fraud investigated? ... unless maybe it's the Dems who play the fraud game.

Someone who thinks illegals should have the same civil rights as us? Someone who's against the death penalty?

No wonder the dems are mad "underperforming" were fired! And no wonder they're pursuing this non-crisis. They don't like AG AG, they know decisions like this always involve Karl Rove, and it's another opportunity to bash Bush. They're so crazy, in fact, that they seem to have lost sight of the fact that just maybe they may have a Dem in the White House again some day:
The Senate, meanwhile, voted to strip Gonzales of his authority to fill U.S. attorney vacancies without Senate confirmation. Democrats contend the Justice Department and White House purged eight federal prosecutors, some of whom were leading political corruption investigations, after a change in the Patriot Act gave Gonzales the new authority. (source)
Of course the bill will go nowhere -- it's just another whacko Dem initiative doomed to failure because they don't seem to realize they have a slim majority. But if you want to have some fun (sickening fun, I admit) imagine the law in effect, Hillary in the White House, and the power to exert her power stripped by the doofus 07 Dems.

Tee-hee. (Except for the Hillary as president part.)

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