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Monday, March 19, 2007

Kitty's Back, And As Snarly As Ever

Nice Kitty, Kitty. Don't scratch! Don't bite!

No good. She's not listening. Long-time Bush-hater Kitty Kelly is back, with the LATimes' most emailed article, a hissy attack on the Bush's for not participating personally in the War in Iraq.
The president tells us Iraq is a "noble" war, but his wife, his children and his nieces and nephews are not listening. None has enlisted in the armed services, and none seems to be paying attention to the sacrifices of military families.
In fairness, Laura's a bit old to enlist, don't you think? And you'd think daughter Jenna's brief service as a UNICEF -- that's the UN, Kitty! The UN! -- intern would win some respect. But Kitty's much nastier than that:
The presidential nieces and nephews also have missed the memo on setting a good public example. Ashley Bush — the youngest daughter of the president's brother, Neil, and Neil's ex-wife, Sharon — was presented to Manhattan society at the 52nd Annual International Debutantes Ball at the Waldorf Astoria. Her older sister, Lauren, a runway model, told London's Evening Standard that she is a student ambassador for the United Nations World Food Program, but she would not lobby her uncle for U.S. funds. Her cousin, Billy Bush, chronicles the lives of celebrities on "Access Hollywood."
Nieces and nephews? What do Bush's nieces and nephews have to do with anything? They sound like successful young people, and we haven't heard anything about them marching down the streets of LA or NY with signs saying Bush was behind 9-11, so what tree is Kitty running up?
"Uncle Bucky," as William H.T. Bush is known within the family, is one presidential relative who has profited from the Iraq war. He recently sold all of his shares in Engineered Support Systems Inc. (ESSI), a St. Louis-based company that has flourished under the president's no-bid policy for military contractors. Uncle Bucky told the Los Angeles Times that he would have preferred that ESSI, on whose board he sits, was not involved in Iraq, "but, unfortunately, we live in a troubled world."
Oh, that tree. Hiss. Yawn.

Kitty scathes her way through the Bushes, managing to insult Barbara and George H.W. along the way, but never bothers to ask about the Dem Congress. How are their children showing support for the troops, the cause and the war?

Well, Kitty, they aren't. The last time I heard, not a single child or grandchild of a single Dem congress member is serving in the Armed Forces. But that's fine with you, isn't it, because despite all your reference to FDR's kids, this isn't really about showing patriotic support for the war is it?

Nope, it's about showing unpatriotic opposition to the War.

By the way, Kitty, how many of your nieces and nephews are serving?

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