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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Dem Scandal-Making Machine Sputters On

Who would want to be a politician if Patrick Leahy stood as role model?

If he's the model, here's the lesson: To be a senator, lie about other people lying. Leahy is particulary adept at being a lying sack, which is one reason (other than pretty much never having pancakes any more) I no longer use maple syrup.

Here's his lie about lying today, speaking about the federal prosecutor non-scandal:
"I want testimony under oath. I am sick and tired of getting half-truths on this. I do not believe in this, we'll have a private briefing for you where we'll tell you everything, and they don't."
Yeah, yeah the Dems are so open. Like their fully transparent approach to Clinton's firing of every single federal prosecutor -- a firing that almost certainly saved the seat (figuratively and literally) of the amazingly corrupt Dem chair of Ways & Means, Dan Rostenkowski.
Attorney General Janet Reno today [March 24, 1993] demanded the prompt resignation of all United States Attorneys, leading the Federal prosecutor in the District of Columbia to suggest that the order could be tied to his long-running investigation of Representative Dan Rostenkowski, a crucial ally of President Clinton.

Jay B. Stephens, the United States Attorney for the District of Columbia, who is a Bush Administration holdover, said he had advised the Justice Department that he was within 30 days of making a "critical decision" in the Rostenkowski case when Ms. Reno directed him and other United States Attorneys to submit their resignations, effective in a matter of days....

At a news conference today only hours after one by Ms. Reno, Mr. Stephens said he would not resist the Attorney General's move to force him from office, and he held back from directly accusing her of interfering with the Rostenkowski inquiry.

But Mr. Stephens left the strong impression that Ms. Reno's actions might disrupt the investigation as he moved toward a decision on whether to seek charges against the Illinois Democrat, who is chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee.

"This case has been conducted with integrity," Mr. Stephens said, "and I trust the decisions in this case will not be made based on political considerations.".....
Rostenkowski, of course, ultimately was indicted, forced to resign and convicted -- a loss for the Dem party that many think cost Hillary her health care program, which the bulldog Rostenkowski might have forced through.

I don't think Leahy will ask Hillary or Reno testify in his quest for no lies.

As for the current sabre-rattling by the Dems, Mark at RedState sums it up well:
It seems a little too precious to me that United States Attorneys can be appointed based in part upon the recommendation of politicians and politically connected people in the district, but they cannot be removed for the same reason. Either insulate all Federal prosecutors from the political process, or accept that they hold political positions and will sometimes become the victim of political winds.

As for Miers and Rove, They are (were) the two closest advisors to the president on matters legal and political respectively. Of course they were involved in this. Of course they had recommendations, that's in their job descriptions.

I ask again, where is the scandal here? Are we as Republicans and conservatives going to submit to the fact that there was wrongdoing just because the Democrats and the media say so? Rather, I suspect that this whole push by the Democrats is to make Federal prosecutors gun shy about investigating Democrats.
What a pathetic waste the Dems are making of their Congressional leadership. They might have used their power to show their positive side, but lacking a positive sign, they are left to model behavior that would scare any decent person far, far away from politics.

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