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Thursday, March 15, 2007

There's Defiance, Then There's Ahmadinejad

Yes, he's blasted America when, in his view, Uncle Sam doesn't tow the U.N. line, but when it comes to U.N. resolutions against Iran, they're just "torn pieces of paper" in the eyes of Mah- "I'm in the moud for fission" Ahmadinejad (rhymes with "My bunker's concrete-clad").

Say what you will about the holocaust-denying, Jew-hating, America-loathing megalomanic despot, he can turn a phrase:
"If all of you (Westerners) get together and call your ancestors from hell as well, you will not be able to stop the Iranian nation." (source)
Within Iran, moderate factions fear the isolation that is resulting from Ahmadinejad's defiance and oppose his strident rhetoric in fear that the country's already pathetic economy will slip further into pathos.

But Iran is led by ascetic imams who would see that as a good thing since there would be less money to spend on things that get in the way of subserviance to Allah, stuff like food, music, books, clothes. They like what their stooge Ahmadinejad is saying because if Iran gets blasted back to the Stone Age, that's just where they want it to be -- most of the population "martyred to Allah," the remainder stripped of all Western comfort and hurled back into the dusty, dirty, primitive life the Mullahs like best.

Art: Gregory Pence, Dartmouth Review

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