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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Holocaust Denial Alive And Well ... In Israel

You'd think Arabs living in Israel, especially those that have completed high school or college, would not buy the Arab lie that the holocaust is a hoax. Think again, says a poll by University of Haifa sociologist Sami Smoocha.
In its most dramatic finding, the poll showed that 28 percent of Israeli Arabs did not believe the Holocaust happened, and that among high school and college graduates the figure was even higher - 33 percent. (source)
This despite the fact that they live in a land richer in holocaust living history than anywhere on the planet. Denial goes beyond the holocaust, too:
Asked about Israel's war with Hezbollah guerrillas in Lebanon last summer, nearly half of the Israeli Arabs polled - 48 percent - said they believe that Hezbollah's rocket attacks on towns in northern Israel during that war were justified, even though numerous Arabs were killed and wounded in those attacks.

While 89 percent said they view Israel's bombing of Lebanon as a war crime, only 44 percent said they see Hezbollah's attacks on Israel as such. Hezbollah pelted northern Israel with nearly 4,000 rockets.
All this
might help to explain another finding of the poll:
Among Israeli Jews, 63 percent said they avoid entering Arab towns and cities, and 68 percent fear the possibility of civil unrest among Israeli Arabs.
Yep, the Jews' reaction makes a lot more sense than the Arab's attitude.

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