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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Safronov Set To Reveal Secret Russian Arms Deals

Dead -- murdered? -- Russian journalist Ivan Safronov told friends just before his mysterious death that he planned to expose secret Russian arms deals with Syria and Iran. Moscow News:
Safronov told his colleagues that he was going to check the information about new deals to supply Russian weapons to the Middle East — the sale of the Su-30 jets to Syria and S-300V surface-to-air missiles to Iran.

The reporter said that in both cases the weapons were to be supplied via Belarus to protect Russia from Western accusations of supporting rogue states.

He added that he was not going to write about these facts immediately because he had received warnings from the Russian security service, the FSB, that the international scandal would lead to his arrest and trial over disclosure of state secrets.
No wonder Vladamir Putin works so hard to keep Aleksandr Lukashenko in power in Belarus! As the launderer for Moscow's deals to arm the Islamofascist terrorists who are fighting us and killing our troops, Lukashenko holds the key to the foreign capital Putin so desperately needs.

Safronov was poised to blow the cover on Putin's proxy war against America and now he's dead. And guess what? The NY Times isn't covering the story.

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