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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

When Civil Rights Stop

Julie ... uh, John ... no, Julie Nemecek should just pack his ... anatomically speaking anyway ... bags and get the heck out of Spring Arbor, but she ... speaking gender orientationally ... is suing instead.

John was a business professor and associate dean at the evangelical Free Methodist college for 15 years before the earings, dresses, hormones and breasts came, and the request that others call him Julie. And that got Nemecek (Boy! That's easier than the whole him/her thing!) fired.

The college cited a community covenant all employees must sign, affirming biblical principles and tht they will "model Christian character to our students." They are not required to be Free Methodists, according to U prez Gayle D. Beebe, but, she (and she is a she) told the WSJ, "It's an expectation they will be acting out the Christian faith both in the way they teach and in the way they live."

Nemecek signed the covenant and agreeably lived under it for 15 years. He cannot manefest an appearance that supports homosexuality and still live under that covenant, so he had two legitimate choices: Stay in the closet and get counselling, or resign and get a job at a place more compatible with his changed belief systems.

Try as they will, and they will try mightly, religion is not asexual. Because of the power of the sex drive for both good and evil, all serious religions need to deal with it, and have since their creation. Many failed religions that are no longer with us promoted sexuality without constraint. Those that imposed rules, morals, on sexuality have survived the test of time.

But will they stand the idiocy of certain "enlightened" Western judges?

An interesting sidebar is Nemecek's wife, Joanne, shown here with her husband, or whatever. Joannes on the right; it's' not too hard to tell. She told the WSJ, "I feel like Julie's condition doesn't negate my marriage vows."

That is a Christian response if there ever was one. Joanne would be justified in leaving Julie if Julie was sleeping around or violent, but God's desire to keep marriages intact is clear in the scriptures, and it appears that Joanne is one who take vows made as a Christian seriously.

So should Julie. He/she made a vow when he signed the covenant.

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