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Monday, March 05, 2007

Here Come The Dingbats

The Left -- you know, those people who really care about about people unlike those nasty Righties -- are spewing their vile bile the VEEP's way again, just as I knew they would:

She calls herself Blondesense, but she's really Blondenonsense:
It Would Kill Any Normal Person, But Noooooo . . . I'm sure it will take something more than this to bring the Big Dick down ppermanently. [sic]

As Liz noted in her post last week, he really is the Devil.
Bad enough for you? Well, Blondenonsense's commenters are much worse:
Maybe he should have follow up treatment at Walter Reed. What's good for the troops should be good enough for Big Dick.

Definitely send him to Walter Reed. Let him lie in his own urine. Then he will be supporting the troops. Satan he is.
Candy Schultz

If we're really lucky maybe the next time he growls out 'f*** yourself!' to someone the 'surge' in the creature's blood pressure will free the clot to travel straight to either it's heart or brain. Take your pick, both targets would do fine.

I don't think it has a heart.
Candy Schultz

I'm surprised that he has any blood at all let alone any that might clot since Coultergeist sucks it all for her own perverse pleasure. [Coultergeist?! That actually is rather clever.]
Father Tyme

All this proves is that if there is a God, he has LOUSY F****** AIM.
Over at Hoffmania, a comment posted by someone named oldgringo shows the Left's inability to differentiate on matters of morality:
I was n [sic] my early teens when first Musolini [sic] then Hitler died with Joe Goebbels & family, and I don't recall that anyone I knew even spared a "CHRISTIAN MOMENT" to pray for their "departed souls" or shed even ONE sad tear (either in their bucket of beer or elsewhere) at the news.

It seems that the "normal human reaction" at the "passing" of such evil persons is "usually" greeted with sense of relief and an attitude of "good riddence"! [sic -- and many just plain silly quote marks]

Must be a message in "thar" someplavce [sic], don't ya think?
Yeah, I do think there's a message in there somewhere. The Left can't tell the difference between genocidal murders of millions for no purpose other than their own megalomaniac fanasies and a man who believes in using war to remove such people from power, so the subjected can become free.

hat-tip: Real Clear Politics

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