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Monday, March 05, 2007

What Should Rudy Say To Andrew ... And The World?

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Insiders are speculating that Rudy Giuliani will have to respond to his son Andrew's comments about his failures as a father today. Given that Andrew's comments focus all the family value doubts about Rudy in sharp, harsh detail, his response will be a key moment in the campaign.

The supposed venue of the comments is a high-profile event Gov. Schwarznegger in CA. Big, big mistake. This is personal, not political, and addressing the matter at a political event is all wrong.

The right thing to do is to cancel his appearance, fly home and meet with his son and daughter. He has some deep, deep apologizing to do. There needs to be tears, there needs to be screaming, there needs to be hugging and promises of doing better. There needs to be the same from his current wife, Judith Nathan.

Then Rudy can return to the campaign trail. The basic rule of family values, a rule nearly all politicians trample on because of their love of their jobs and their desperation to keep them, is to put family second ... after God.

Rudy's not much on God, so he better get right with his family. There will be another fundraiser tomorrow. Kiss this one off, go home and take care of the real business.

And here's a secret, Rudy: If you do that, you will raise more money than you'd ever raise at the Schwarzenegger event.

Update: Rudy didn't listen to me! He's campaigning in California today as scheduled and said the following:

"My wife Judith is a very loving and caring … mother and stepmother. She has done everything she can. The responsibility is mine.

"I believe that these problems with blended families, you know, are challenges sometimes they are. The more privacy I can have for my family, the better we are going to be able to deal with all these difficulties."

Forget it, Rudy. The sharks in the media will circle your son and daughter and nip and slash until the water is red with their blood.

This sad story give Giuliani a chance to stand out from the throng of over-ambitious campaigning fools and look like a real man. That he missed the opportunity indicates that he was dead on right about one thing: "The responsibility is mine."

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