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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Kyrgyzstan Looks To Opium To Solve Debt Woes

A member of the Kyrgyz parliament, the country's former chief prosecutor, has come up with a dope idea for overcoming the country's foreign debt. Moscow News reports:
On Wednesday, March 7, member of Kyrgyz parliament Azimbek Beknazarov suggested paying off the country’s foreign debt by planting opium. Beknazarov, who is now a member of opposition faction “For reforms”, used to be Kyrgyzstan’s Prosecutor General.

“To solve this problem [of foreign debt] we need unordinary steps. I know that my suggestion will stir a heated debate. This year Afghanistan announced almost officially that it will increase opium crops. We have to do the same and permit our people to plant opium for a year or two. After that all international organizations will raise havoc and offer themselves to write off out country’s debts,” the deputy said.
Uh, Beknazarov ol' bud, have you been smoking dope or something? All your smart thinking won't get you anywhere if you let those international organizations in on your scheme.

Kyrgyzstan has an alternative to opium: The International Monetary Fund's Heavily Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC) program. Just one catch: to get their $2 billion debt forgiven, the Kyrgyz government would have to admit that their decrepit Islamic horror show is actually busted, and they don't want to admit that.

The country is #143 in the world in per capita income -- $268 a year. There are only a couple dozen poorer countries. Bizarrely, the country's international debt per capita is ... $268 a year. Literally, every penny a Kyrgyz citizen makes is needed to pay of the country's debt.

Fire up the pipes, Kyrgy-boys, opium might actually get you closer to reality.

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