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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Harry's House Of Hypocrisy

Here's the noble, green, oh-so-concerned about future generations Harry Reid, from his Web site:
I believe that global warming constitutes one of the greatest challenges of our time. ... Our government must provide domestic and global leadership on this issue because we have a moral responsibility to leave future generations with a safe and habitable world. The President must build international support for global greenhouse gas reductions and work with Congress to increase U.S. efforts to do the same. I am hopeful that the Senate will again take up bipartisan legislation that will require mandatory reductions in our greenhouse gas emissions, and build upon the efforts of Fortune 500 companies and many state and local governments that have made significant reductions in their emissions. (emphasis added)
Wow! Harry must be really hot on this groovy little technology that generates electricity without the faintest wisp of greenhouse gas. You know, nuclear generating plants.

Nope. Prepare to enter Harry's House of Hypocrisy:
The Energy Department unveiled legislation Tuesday to spur construction of a national nuclear waste dump in Nevada and increase its capacity. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., immediately vowed to block the bill.

That could spell more problems for the troubled Yucca Mountain nuclear waste dump, already years behind schedule. ...

The new bill is similar to legislation the Energy Department offered last year that didn't advance. The political environment is even tougher for the measure this year now that Reid, an ardent Yucca Mountain opponent, is in charge of the Senate.

"This is just the department's latest attempt to breathe life into this dying beast and it will fail," Reid said. "I will continue to leverage my leadership position to prevent the dump from ever being built." (AP)

Harry's just playing to his constituents ... every one of which will be 10,000 years in the grave as Yucca Mountain continues to just sit there. It's got hard, cold facts and strenuous analysis on its, while its opponents have fearmongering, hysterical hype and runaway emotions on theirs. Guess which side the Senate's leading Dem bellies up to?

Children, take note! If you want to grow up and serve America as a leader, use this man as a guidepost! Always remember to ask yourself, "What would Harry do?"

Then do the opposite.

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