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Friday, March 09, 2007

Our Crumbling Civilization: One-Nighter With God Edition

Comedy Central thinks it's really, really funny to show God as the rejected recipient of a one-nighter with a crass human comedian.

World Net Daily provides this partial transcript from the Sarah Silverman Program of the morning after the holy sexcapade:
God: I had a really good time last night. A really, really good time.

Silverman:Thaaaanks (in a disdainful tone). Me too.

God: Come to heaven with me today.

Silverman: Today.

God: You'll see the past and the future. You can fly, and I will introduce you to Thomas Jefferson.

Silverman: Oh, awesome. I told my friend, Natalie, I'd help her move, though.

God: I can stop time!

Silverman: That is so sweet. Oh, your pants are over there. I mean, not like I'm asking you to leave. I just mean, like if you can't see it from this angle of still being in my bed.

God: Right, I should go.

Silverman: OK, um, all right, so, I guess I'll see you around some time.

God: Do you mean it?! Or are you just saying that?

Silverman: I don't just say things. I'm a lot of things. I'm not dishonest.

God: Can I get your cell number?

Silverman: I don't have a cell phone.
At that point, Silverman's cell phone starts ringing and God, embittered, zips up his pants.

Isn't it just so cute, so very funny, when human beings go beyond merely dishonoring God by making themselves equal, and audaciously portray themselves as superior to God? Don't you just laugh out loud?

It's not a laughing matter. Our beloved Freedom of Speech has been degraded to the point where it must stand in defense of otherwise indefensible attacks like this on Christianity, Judaism ... even, most would say, Islam.

One day, Ms. Silverman, Mr. Smallwood and all the writers, producers, directors and Comedy Central executives involved in this skit will stand before their maker, and he will play back the video of their lives, including this little clip.

They won't feel so superior then, will they?

hat-tip: Jim

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