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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

1% Prosecution Rate, And We Should Keep Him?

Fired U.S. Attorney David Iglesias answers the question I raised yesterday in his NYT op/ed today. Here's what I wrote:
Atty Gen Alberto Gonzales is enforcing three Bush directives through his federal attorneys:
  • Prosecuting voter fraud
  • Prosecuting illegal aliens and those that knowingly employ them
  • Pushing hard for death penalties in federal caes.
Should a federal prosecutor fail to aggressively pursue these cases, the Bush administration has every justification should they choose to show that prosecutor the door.

And what kind of prosecutor would have a problem with those directions? A dem perhaps?
His direct answer is no, a Republican, recommended by Senator Pete Domenici. But dig a little deeper. Here's how Iglesias described his actions on voter fraud -- the only one of the three priorities he wrote about.

What’s more, their narrative has largely ignored that I was one of just two United States attorneys in the country to create a voter-fraud task force in 2004. Mine was bipartisan, and it included state and local law enforcement and election officials.

After reviewing more than 100 complaints of voter fraud, I felt there was one possible case that should be prosecuted federally.
I know nothing about these 100 cases, but on the surface, it looks like rejecting 99 cases, then slowly prosecuting one just might brush up against underperforming.

As Dick Morris says today in Real Clear Politics, this "is the most fabricated and phony of scandals."

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