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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Religion Of Peace Aims For Big Christian Slaughter

Strategy Page reports:
Police and troops on Sulawesi [Indonesia] were put on high alert, because military intelligence had picked up information indicating that Islamic radicals from all over Indonesia were moving to Sulawesi in an attempt to launch a spectacular attack on local Christians. Australia has warned its citizens to stay away from Central Sulawesi, where most of the violence tends to take place.

To make matters worse, the Christians are ready to strike back if the Islamic terrorists go after them again. Over the last few years, some 2,000 people have died in religious strife on Sulawesi. The Islamic radicals need a spectacular operation to revive declining enthusiasm for the cause (of global Islamic conquest).
I wasn't aware that there is declining ethusiasm for the radical Muslim cause. No change surprises me because everything's cyclical, and even the most backwater Muslim must see that the latest round of Islamist violence has not moved the movement forward.

Still, the very fact that the Indonesian Islamists can assemble forces for a slaughter of Christians -- and think that spilling Christian blood is a good way to recruit more terrorists -- is indication that there's still far too much enthusiasm for the cause.

If this much news of the plot is available in advance, it would seem even the overwhelmingly Islamic Indnosian government could work the intelligence and save the Christians -- but will they? It's a real test for the Religion of Peace -- a no-brainer for all other religions, but a test for Islam.

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