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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Brit, Lindsey & Paris: Secular Relativism's Ultimate Glory

Not being a celeb-watcher, I wouldn't recognize Brittney Spears if she upchucked in front of me -- and I certainly wouldn't recognize her with her new hairdon't, shown here.

According to the breathless and brainless reports, Ms. Spears buzzed her own hair because she didn't want people to touch her any more. Her family is said to be "in full intervention mode" and rehab is a distinct possibility.

Meanwhile, the pop movie starlet Lindsey Lohan reportedly has checked out of rehab and is taking things one day at a time. And Paris Hilton is ... who knows what? Drinking, drugging, sexing, aping for any camera, anywhere.

My three girls don't think much of this crew of awful role models; they have other interests and other influences, most quite good, some bad, but none as bad as the drinking, drugging, slutting lot that captures the media's eye.

I just asked Incredible Daughter #2 , who's 18, what she thought of them and she said, "Nothing. The media over-hypes them, but they're disgusting."

"So they're not role models to you?"

"Oh yeah, I want to be like Paris, a ho with a lazy eye."

I could ask for better phrasing, but basically, Phew!

But all over America, in millions of households it's different, as young girls take on the personna of these partying, puking, pandering pieces of human garbage.

Incredible Wife saw a number of young girls who are influenced by these shameless hussies interviewed on Dr. Phil this week. She reported that they were vacuous, lost and utterly without morals.

They were, in a nutshell, Secular Relativism's ultimate glory, it's crowning achievement. They see nothing wrong in their behavior because they have no moral guideposts to give them the combatting senses of guilt and honor.

The media might as well dress up in a crimson body suit with horns and tail attached on this one, because the sensationalization of the news fuels the celebrity sluts, which in turn fuels the cameras, which in turn fuels the imaginations of the young and misguideable.

The other night as I was packing my briefcase and readying for bed, the late night news had stories on a man who threw a barking Chihuahua over a fence, a woman who discovered her Shi-tzu's ear had been cut off by a groomer, then superglued back on, and a piece on Anna Nichole's body, baby and hangers-on. Lacking a car chase that evening, that's what constituted the news for most people today.

Not a story of significance in the bunch.

The only fortress against this onslaught is a tight family with a solid center. The slut brigade (and those boys who are very, very happy because of this turn of events) doesn't stand a chance against a foundation of love, interest and discipline.

Where are those families? Lost, unfortunately, to Secular Relativism. Divorce, affairs, parental drinking and drugging, money above love, anger because control doesn't feel good, saying yes because saying no takes effort, as in the case of Lindsey Lohan's mom:
"As a parent, you tell them what you can tell them, but she's 20 and I'm not gonna say, 'Stay home and don't go out,' that's a ridiculous thing to do."
Really? You're daughter is 20 and self-distructing and it's ridiculous to intervene? Why? Because the money might dry up if she's just run-of-the-mill?

The media is not interested in positive role models, so if America is going to stop this slide before the next generation gets even worse, we have to change the media. Are we mad as hell, and not going to take it any more?

Dunno. Seems like a lot of work ... and besides, who's to say who's right?

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