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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Greenies Ready To Sue Over Green Fuels

Never, ever, ever, ever find a solution. Now you know the mantra of environmental organizations.

It's obvious the greenies at the Planning and Conservation League have been Om-ing away to their little mantra overtime lately. Suddenly afraid that people might actually listen to them and adopt their policies, PCL has had an enlightenment breakthrough: If they do what we tell 'em to do, we'll just sue 'em.

Witness this in PCL's Valentine's Day newsletter:


How to move California away from its dependency on petroleum based gasoline for our cars, trucks and SUVs? That's one of the key questions before the state legislature this year and don't expect an easy answer.

Several bills have already been introduced in both the state Assembly and Senate addressing classification of alternative fuels, financial incentives to expand consumption of non-petroleum fuels, and funding for alternative fuel R&D activities. Even Governor Schwarzenegger has weighed in with an Executive Order to help the state stay ahead of the curve on cleaner technologies.

Increasing the use of alternative fuels such as natural gas, electricity, ethanol, and biodiesel ... has the potential to help reduce the greenhouse gases that cause global warming. If done carefully, switching the source of the "vroom" in our state's fleet can also minimize the toxic air pollution that our cars and trucks currently spew into the air.

But it's not all chocolate and roses.

Environmental advocates will be tracking this issue very closely to ensure that as we develop a vision and framework to expand our production of alternative fuels, California's public health, as well as our air, water, farmland, and food supply are fully protected.

We'll be working with our allies to ensure each alternative fuel option is evaluated completely – with a full "well to wheel" or "kernel to combustion" life-cycle analysis – so that the environmental impacts of all alternative fuel options are well understood. California can't risk letting politics play havoc with policy and we simply don't have time to solve one environmental problem by causing another.

Sounds noble, but here's what it boils down to. If state regulators don't draft regs that please PCL, they'll sue. If free market incentives are used too much, in the opinon of PCL, they'll sue. If someone does what PCL pushes and commits to green fuel, and something goes wrong with the process, they'll sue. Oh, and if someone stands in the way of green fuels, they'll sue.

Yes, life as we know it may come to an end as a result of some ecological disaster or another, but rest assured: In the aftermath, the one surviving greenie will gather his strength and file a lawsuit.

Hat-tip: Jim

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