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Monday, February 12, 2007

Quote Of The Day: Dem WMDs Edition

In the end, that indeed is what this is all about: Global warming represents the Democrats' weapons of mass destruction. With it, they hope to scare enough Americans into sacrificing their own financial well-being all for the noble goal of saving the planet.
-- Noel Sheppard

There are other weapons too, Sheppard writes today in a provocative article in American Thinker: Universal health care, siezing oil company profits, unionizing WalMart. Why, suddenly the philosophical and political arms race amoung the Dems? Sheppard answers:
As Americans, we should be almost as fearful of this ideological war as the one we are waging against Islamic extremists. After all, the first time capitalist principles lost out to socialist ones in the depths of the Great Depression, decades of budget deficits and exploding federal debt ensued that still threaten our financial solvency today, and our children's futures tomorrow.

In fact, two and a half decades since the start of the Reagan Revolution, the free market is once again under attack. If capitalists on both sides of the aisle don't take a stand to squelch this call for government to solve all of our problems, our children will be destined to live much more austerely than us, and become the first generation of Americans to be less successful than their parents.
Oh, how the lefties hate the success Capitalism has enjoyed! For a couple decades they've been simmering as the free market came to the fore, and their rank-and-file union base turned into stock market investors through their retirement accounts and mutual funds.

They look about askance, as if suddenly everyone but them was wearing spats. They're desperate to turn things around, and if you don't understand how intense and irrational their hunger is, Sheppard offers this explanation:
Put another way, two years ago, the left and the media were able to convince the American people that there was no consensus about when Social Security would run out of money, and though they agreed it will certainly happen at some point, Americans were more than happy to defer concern for this seemingly distant problem. Yet, two years later, these same politicians and press representatives have created an hysteria over an unproven theory, professing a consensus that they advertise as incontrovertible even though none exists, all over a calamity that might never actually occur.

Isn't that extraordinary?
Isn't it indeed? Read the piece. Be forewarned.

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