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Friday, February 09, 2007

Fun Times In NoKo

In this Reuters photograph, factory workers in Kaeson, North Korea are grooving at the kind of shindig that makes L'il Kim Jong Il positively giddy: A ceremony marking the completion of a garlic processing factory!

Look at those heels locked so tight together! The line so straight! Look at the blessed cheapness of the shoes -- all too be sure L'il Kim has all the money he needs to indulge in his little indulgences:

Kim's reputation for personal extravagance is a focus of international attention on both the man and his country. ... Kim has a penchant for fine food such as lobster, caviar and the most expensive cuts of sushi that he has flown in to him from Japan." His annual purchases of Hennessy's cognac reportedly total to $700,000, while the average North Korean earns the equivalent of $900 per year.

Kim is said to be a film fan, owning a collection of some 20,000 video tapes.. It has been reported that Kim is a fan of Friday The 13th, Rambo, James Bond films, Godzilla movies, among others. (source)

Aren't Communist People's Republics just great? It's just too bad there aren't enough of them to go around.

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