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Saturday, February 17, 2007

While Congress Fiddled, Iraqi Army Kicked Butt

While the isolationist, selfish, hate-filled cowards in Congress approved the Resolution to Show No Resolve, there was an awful lot of resolve being shown in Iraq, all powerfully detailed by Greyhawk at Mudville Gazette:
  • Control of the Iraqi Army's First Division was transferred from Coalition Forces to the Iraqi government
  • Iraqi trooops captured an al Qaeda in Iraq cell leader and his cell's munitions stash
  • An IED bomb-making factory was captured and destroyed, including 1,000 pounds of explosives destined for roadside bombs
  • Ten weapons caches, including IED caches, were captured along with two terrorists by Iraqi Army and Coalition troops in Muqdadiya
  • U.S. Paratroopers seized two members of an extra-judicial execution squad when they stopped their car at a checkpoint, noted suspicious behavior, and found four bodies in the trunk. The troops were stationed in Sha'ab for several weeks as part of the Surge's new tactic of taking unstable areas and staying there.
As Greyhawk says, that's one day's news from Iraq. When I opened my My Yahoo account, the lead story was a car bomb that killed 8, and none of this news was to be found in the MSM. Is that balance? All this news is readily available to the media on the Operation Iraqi Freedom Web site, but it consistently goes unreported.

Shame on the media, but more shame on Congress, for buying the lie.

If you wonder why things are so confused in DC, it's because no one can hear themselves think; the eardrum-shattering chorus of "We can't win! We can't win" is drowning out all reason.

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