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Monday, February 19, 2007

ACLU Attacks Gifted Program, Wants Race-Bacing, Not Smarts

OC's Tustin school district has been sued by the ACLU for letting only smart kids into its gifted student program -- kids that look too much like this young fellow. The LAT reports:
Too few Latino and African American students are enrolled in gifted programs in the Tustin Unified School District, the ACLU charged in a letter sent to the district Thursday. The organization said it planned to sue the district if the disparity was not corrected.
What kind of school district would keep minorities out of its gifted program? Answer: None. That's not the ACLU's point. They're not counting minorities here; they're trying to overturn the system.

It's not enough that Tustin didn't just put all the gifted kids, no matter what their background, into the gifted program, says the ACLU; no, they need to do much more than that:
Minority and lower-income students have less access to such advantages as proper nutrition and preschool, which are the building blocks for their educational careers, [Carolyn Callahan, who's working with the ACLU on this] said. Along with a lack of training of teachers and administrators in how to identify gifted youths from all backgrounds, standardized testing that is culturally biased, and societal messages that lower these children's self-esteem, they are less likely to be chosen for such programs.

"Opportunities don't present themselves in the same way," [Callahan] said
The lawsuit is not at all about gifted children, you see. It's about finding an avenue to force societal equalization (read, Communism) on America. The only solution to the ACLU challenge is for Tustin to see that all children have the same nutrition, the same preschool, the same self-esteem. And, if that's not possible -- which as long as America stays free, it's not -- then gifted programs have to accept the ungifted by offering tests that are not "culturally biased," which means tests that give breaks to minorities.

No word yet on whether Tustin will cower and fold, or stand up and fight like an American school district.

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