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Sunday, February 18, 2007

A New Low For Euro-Tastelessness?

We have to go back ten years or so for this episode of European secularism at its best/worst (who's to judge?):
Accusations of "extraordinary bad taste" were leveled at Vienna on Sunday after details emerged of an Austrian designer snapping nude photos at a former Nazi concentration camp.

Gudrun Geiblinger used the memorial site at the former Mauthausen death camp as a backdrop for nude photos of herself, the news magazine Profil wrote in its latest edition.

The photos, shot in the late 1990s, show Geiblinger naked, wearing only white stockings and high heels, in sensual poses in front of a camp watchtower and hugging a sculpture depicting a dying soldier.

Geiblinger justified the photoshoot by saying she worked on a project at an art school and the photos were used for "brainstorming." (source)
"Oh, art is supposed to shock," you say? Not until secularism took it over, it wasn't; before that, art existed to edify. But being uplifting is so passe.

Geiblinger certainly was caught up in the shock aspects of art when in art school. Her excuse, looking for was a simple prison, doesn't earn her much slack. White stockings and high heels in a prison? That's sure normal. Besides, we're supposed to believe that she didn't think about how debasing to the memory of Mauthausen's victims her actions were?

Since getting out of art school, Geiblinger has grown to be a rootin' tootin' graphic artist, but doesn't seem to have gotten too far away from her efforts to stay in the mainstream of the anti-mainstream art world:

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