Cheat-Seeking Missles

Monday, January 15, 2007

Terrorists Don't Know Jack

Senator John Cornyn on one of his favorite topics:
"Here in Washington, it's our most important job to protect the American people and to win the global war on terror, but I wonder whether anyone has noticed that since Jack Bauer came on the scene, we haven't had anymore terror attacks on the United States. Think about it!"
Another fan (of sorts) is John McCain:
"I had a brief, 3 second, wonderful, magnificent award winning performance on the show. Most importantly, Jack Bauer and I are very similar. He gets captured all the time. I got captured. He always escapes. I never escaped. I believe in the Geneva Convention for the treatment of prisoners. He just blows their knee caps off."
Personally, I prefer the jugular-biting approach, if for no other reason than the squeal it got out of my Incredible Wife as she ducked her head under the afghan. (That's a blanket, not an exchange student.)

I also noticed that the Islamists were much handier with torture than Jack, and that National Security Advisor Karen Hayes sounded positively shrewish about Karl Rove's ... I'm sorry, Thomas Lennox's ... ideas for handling (manhandling?) terror suspects.

What else is there to say? I'm glad Jack's back. 24 is like crack for War on Terror junkies. The smart ones stay away from it entirely; the others revel in their addiction.

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