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Saturday, January 13, 2007

More Beheadings By Allah's Boys

"We shall kill all Thai Buddhists" said the hand-written note next to the bodies of a beheaded Thai farmer and his wife.

Welcome to the Religion of Peace.
Suspected Muslim militants beheaded a Buddhist man and shot dead two civilians in southern Thailand on Sunday as an uprising shows no signs of abating.

The head of the 40-year-old farmer was found next to his body and that of his 35-year-old wife at the entrance of their rubber plantation in Yala province, police said. ...

In the same province, a 74-year-old man was shot dead while riding his motorcycle, police said. Two teenagers, also on a motorcycle, had shot the man. (Source)

There are about 65 million Thais, of whom 94.6% are Buddhist and 4.6% Muslim, and yet, "We shall kill all Thai Buddhists." Do you need more proof that the well-instructed Islamistbelieves that anyone who doesn't convert to Islam might as well be dead?

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