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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Still Bitchy After All These Tours

It's tour number 5 to War on Terror theaters for Hillary, and Madame President wannabe is typically bitchy in her attitude.

Preluding her trip to Afghanistan, Hillary let her sour mood show:
On Friday, Clinton said she was hearing "increasingly troubling reports out of Afghanistan" and would be searching for "accurate information about the true state of affairs" militarily and politically on her trip. (AP)
It might be because violence was way up in Afghanistan last year, with 4,000 dying. But even AP's report said most of these dead were Taliban and other nasties ("militants" in AP vernacular). What's so troubling about the report? That we're winning?

Hillary and her travelmates (Evan Bayh and John McHugh, both Armed Services Committee dems) ate with the troops today. I haven't found anything on the milblogs yet about cordiality or lack thereof in those conversations, but keep your eyes open for news of a chilly reception.

You get the idea that will be the response, based on this prelude of Hil's stop in Iraq, provided by The Wolf at Blackfive:
I hope our friends with the 10th will help her 'see the light' along with the rest of the Capitol Hill Gang. This will play in the media for the next 3 or 4 weeks, at least, while she purports to supply a 'real answer' for Iraq. Think so? How about spending some time with the Marines in Anbar, or some tankers in NTC, and tell us what its 'really' like, lady. Take Speaker Pelosi with you. Then meet with Sadr, poli-to-poli, and see if you can get some 'real dialogue' going.
Couldn't be truer. I don't think Sadr would be particularly open to treating Hillary well, or folding up his militia because she nasally requests that he should.

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