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Saturday, January 06, 2007

OK, Israel's Signed On. Who's Next?

Israel's "secret" contingency plans to bomb Iran's nuclear production facilities into radioactive dust -- as exposed in the Times of London -- is like Chinese food: Good, but it leaves me wanting more.

Even a madman like Mah- I'm- in-the- mood for a fallout shelter Ahmadinejad (rhymes with "Ooops! I've made them really mad!"), Israel's threat to bomb Iran's nukes has to be taken seriously. Unfortunately, Israel alone is also a serious motivator for the anti-Semitic Arab world to work harder to build nukes to annihilate those pesky Jews.

If Israel alone to be tasked with this essential work, it will guarantee that the Islamists' commitment to the destruction of Israel will never waver or weaken. And their attacks will spill over to us too because Judeo and Christian definitely go together in the eyes of Islamists.

Obviously, Iran cannot be allowed to go nuclear, and they have every intent to be there in just two years, according to Israeli intelligence. Just as obviously, Israel can't be allowed to go it alone. What is needed is a Coaltion of the Willing to Nuke 'Em. Sunnis need not apply (as if they could build one!), but the US and England should line up behind Israel and tell Tehran Israel won't be standing alone.

Heck, why not France too? We never really thought white flags could be made fissionable anyway, so they could prove themselves. India, too. Let the Pakistanis know the bulge in their arsenal is real.

Russia and China? No; the message would be for them, too, not the invitation to participate. They need to know the sane nations of the planet really discourage selling nukes or nuclear technology to crazy nations.

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