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Friday, December 08, 2006

Recruiting Crazies Into Islam

When I became a Christian, I made some changes -- stopped swearing, became less self-centered, that sort of stuff.

Derrick Shareef became a Muslim and also made some changes -- all of a sudden he wanted to "smoke a judge,"' do some jihad on hapless civilians and now, he's gotten himself arrested for planning to set off grenades in an Illinois mall on the Saturday before Christmas. He picked that day so there would be more people around for him to kill or injure.

Welcome to the religion of peace.

Muslim leaders praised the police for the arrest and condemned Shareef's behavior. Duh. Welcome to Nobrainerville.

But ask yourself, what kind of person would become a Muslim in America after Muslims perpetrated 9/11, tried to perpetrate numerous other such crimes, and wage war against anyone who disagrees with them, anywhere in the world?

My guess: Only a misfit, an angry person, an anti-American, a person with a huge chip on his shoulder would become a Muslim today. When the Muslim leaders go out seeking converts, that's who they're attracting ... yet they keep on seeking new converts.

That they don't see that as a problem is a problem.

hat-tip: LGF
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