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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Our Crumbling Civilization: If I Bought It Edition

Not all copies of the appalling OJ Simpson/Judith Regan cancelled way-beyond-reality book If I Did It were shipped back to HarperCollins' warehouse to be turned into pulp.

(By the way, did pulp have anything to say about getting its reputation smeared like this?)

The Galleycat blog reports that nationwide, about 100 copies escaped becoming pulped nonfiction -- 14 in New York, 12 in LA and others scattered across the country. Some were leaked, some were actually sold by retailers before (or after ...) the recall.

The book is now something akin to other bizarre collectables, like a Jonbenet pagent outfit or a John Wayne Gacy clown painting, says Galleycat:
But as spokesman Richard Davies to AP at the time of IF I DID IT's cancellation. "A book becomes collectible when it's hard to find, and this will become very, very collectible, surely worth four figures," So congratulations, you lucky 106 - you've got yourself quite a rarity on your hands...
Well, be sure to wash your hands very well after it's on them.

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