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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Ruskies Figure Iran Will Blow Us Up First

Lesson number 1,457 in why Russia is not our friend: The Iran nuclear sanction negotiations.

The Russians must just take it for granted that Iran would use nukes on us before them, or would use them on Israel, which would be just fine for Putin and his Sovietesque buddies.

After forcing the Europeans to water down their sanctions plans over the past weeks and spurning tough measures against Iran, the Russians indicated a compromise might be possible, prompting Tuesday's hastily arranged talks.

Yet the Europeans, the United States, Russia and China remained divided over the proposed bans on exports of sensitive materials, an assets freeze and travel ban on individuals and groups involved in Iran's nuclear program.

The Russians agreed to export bans on more technology and materials that could be used in Iran's nuclear or ballistic missile programs, but little progress was made on financial sanctions against people and organizations linked to sensitive work, or on visa bans, the European diplomat said. (Reuters)

Iran and the world's Islamists must look at this paralysis with glee. The UN is serving their purposes grandly, condemning Israel with every third eye-blink and staggering under the burden of unreachable, unenforceable, overly watered down consensus efforts.

This photo says it all for me. You might think Mah- I'm- in- the- moud for bickering superpowers Ahmadinejad (rhymes with "That Putin's my lad") is signalling "peace."

Actually, he's saying, "As long as there are even two opposing self-interests between the Americans, the Europeans, the Russians or the Chinese, we'll be packin' plutonium in no time."

As much as he loves the UN, let them slap a teensy weensy sanction on the Tehraniacs -- oh, say, looking suspiciously at every 17th freighter arriving from Vladivostoc -- and he will rant and rail against the UN as if they had spat on that Prophet of Peace Mohammed guy.

Hat-tip: Breitbart
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