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Monday, December 04, 2006

Ruskies Intimidate Brits On Litvinenko Probe

Nice image hat-tip to Moscow News for this composite of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov looking a bit sinister in the foreground as Alexander Litvinenko lies dying in the background.

The paper might also have run a composite replacing Litvinenko with a cowering Tony Blair in the background, since that's what Moscow's been up to lately -- doing everything it can to intimidate the Brits into not being too demanding in their investigation of the radiation assassination of the former FGB agent, British citizen and prominent Putin critic.

Say MosNews:
Lavrov ... said the fallout from Alexander Litvinenko’s death was harming relations with Britain. ... Lavrov said insinuations in Britain of high-level Russian involvement in Litvinenko’s death were “unacceptable,” adding: “It is of course damaging our relations.” Both Russia and Britain believe Litvinenko’s death should not be politicized, Lavrov added. “If there are any questions, they should be put through law enforcement agencies,” Interfax quoted him as saying.
One question: If the Russian government wasn't involved in his death, why all this protest? Wouldn't they be encouraging a full and open investigation?

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