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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

We Don't Need No Education!

That's enviro-whacko Jess Walsh, sitting in a live oak tree on the UC Berkeley campus. The news report tells us the white bucket is "serving a vital purpose" since she's up there for the long haul along with two other similarly whacked folks.

Jess picked her perch because she saw a blue jay there. The blue jay is probably not happy about this turn of events, but then it doesn't see the bigger picture like Jess does.

Jess knows UC wants to knock down a few dozen oaks (replacing them on a three-to-one ratio) to build new facilities on the campus. To her and fellow tree-sitters Running Wolf (I'm not kidding) and unnamed 21-year-old philosophy major (no jobs waiting for him!), saving trees is more noble than molding and growing human brains.

Sing along, "We don't need no ed-ju-cay-shun."

Perhaps it really boils down to this: The new buildings are for athletics, law and business. If they were for folklore, anthropology and peace studies, do you think the trees would be occupied by species that are reportedly human?

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