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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Quote Of The Day: Merry [Blank]mas Edition

This isn't about religion. Jesus is doing just fine in the United States. Forty years of ACLU efforts to eliminate God from the public square have led to a resurgent, evangelical and politicized American Christianity unique in the Western world.
-- Mark Steyn

The War for Christmas appears to be over for the time being, and the Christians appear to have won. Last year, there was enough anti-Christmas news to support a C-SM feature, Putting the [Blank] Back in [Blank]mas, but not this year, Sasha Cohen and SEATAC notwithstanding.

Mark Steyn covers those two nefarious incidents with typical wit and pith today. He's right about the effect ofthe War for Christmas and the entire Church and State agenda of the ACLU and its icky ilk: The did more to solidify Christian conviction in this country than all the hellfire and brimstone sermons ever preached.

Take for example, my daughter's school's Christmas pagent this year, Miracle on Main Street. It told the story of a longstanding Christmas show that was cancelled by the Mayor, who was concerned that "that whole manger thing is ... old fasioned" and the play would cause too much traffic.

Of course the kids prevailed, effectively and kindly turning public opinion against the mayor, who in the end came to realize how empty it was for him to have strayed so far from the true meaning of Christmas.

Would such a play ever have existed without the ACLU? Not a chance!

Would such a play ever be presented at a public school? Not a chance -- even though the story was topical and not disrespectful of any other religion. It's easy to argue that such a deliberately Christian story has no place in public schools (my daughter goes to a Christian school) -- but how is a play dealing with the challenges of being a Christian any different (other than obvious differences of scale) from Uncle Tom's Cabin and The Diary of Anne Frank?

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