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Friday, December 15, 2006

Google Dodges Pesky Religious Holiday

Happy Chanukah from me and

Ask marks the day with the accompanying art and a link to's info page on the Jewish festival of lights.

Meanwhile, over at Google, the folks at the world's largest search engine decided to mark this important religious holiday with:

Yup. Just another day at Google; nothing special going on today.

It was the same on Nov. 11, when Google ignored Veteran's Day while Ask did its part to honor the vets, placing a wreath on their home page and a link to more information on the reason why we honor the vets on that day.

To make Ask your home page, while on line go to Tools, Options, General and type in for your home page location.

While we're on the Chanukah subject, today I was driving through West LA and saw a mini-van with a three-foot-high hand-made Menorah on the roof and a big Happy Chanukah sign. Behind the wheel, a very Rabbi-looking guy. He was getting a lot of smiles and honks.


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