Cheat-Seeking Missles

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Pelosi Gives The Real Intel Committee To Murtha

It's nice to learn that NanPo understands her own weaknesses and now plans to get some of that intelligence stuff, which she hears is a useful commodity to have. Here's the AP headline:

Of course, most of us prefer it when our leaders come pre-packaged with intelligence.

The real story behind the headline is actually pretty shocking. What she's done is nothing more than a shameless ploy to put the the House's primary intelligence work in John Murtha's hands. The Select Intelligence Oversight Panel she announced today -- sort of an ISG for intelligence -- will be housed at Murtha's Appropriations Committee, not at the Select Committee on Intelligence.

Could there be a more obvious admission by NanPo that her man at Intelligence, Silvestre Reyes, is not up to the task?

That story flew right over the head of AP reporter Katherine Shrader, who probably doesn't have a tough question for NanPo anywhere in her head.

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