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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Foley Page Sends Out The Blog Police

Way back in October, I wrote this post in which I accused the Dems of nefarious deeds in the Foley scandal and said of former page Chris Katsaros, quoting evidence provided by Curt at Flopping Aces:
"Chris Katsaros, who appears over and over again in the page scandal, comes from a stridently anti-Bush family, and notes that Katsaros paged for Pelosi who, along with her staff, defines the term "political operative favorable to Democrats."
So, as you can see, I accused Katsaros of coming from a stridently anti-Bush family.

Apparently that was enough to make him call in the blog police. I received this email today from a group called Reputation Defender in Lousiville:
We are writing to you on behalf of Chris Katsaros. He has asked us to contact you and see if you will consider removing the content about him at Cheat-Seeking Missiles.

In Mr. Katsaros' case, there were rumors that he was the congressional page responsible for disclosing the misconduct of Congressman Mark Foley. The rumors lasted only five hours before it was determined that Mr. Katsaros was not one of the pages involved in the scandal. We understand that when scandals occur rumors spread quickly. However, the fallout from these rumors can have a long-lasting effect — Mr. Katsaros' family has received threatening letters and phone calls based on this inaccurate information . Mr. Katsaros was studying abroad in Senegal at the time of the scandal making it nearly impossible for him to have any involvement since the region he was in does not have consistent power, let alone a reliable internet connection.
Reputation Defender helpfully assured me I could confirm all this at any of three linked articles: one in WaPo, one in Vanity Unfair and one in WashTimes and asked me (politely enough) to remove or rewrite my content about Katsaros.

Trouble was, none of the stories mentioned Katsaros at all. Trouble was, I never said Katsaros leaked the story, I only mentioned his rantingly anti-Bush family. I suppose it's the sort of family that might leak the Foley story a month before the election.

The piece I posted just before this one talked about ridiculous ACLU claims that Bush has curtailed freedom of speech. Here are the real curtailers: Operatives for whacked out liberals who scour the Internet for anyone who's said anything about their client and try to dupe them into shutting up.

Guess what? It didn't work. Frankly, Katsaros was about as far out of my mind as Kohoutek until Reputation Defender brought him back to the forefront -- and here I am blogging about him again.

Welcome back, Chris, Old Boy. I suggest you fire those guys before they do any more damage.

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