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Monday, December 11, 2006

Quote Of The Day: Al The Leper Edition

"If anything, [Al Gore is] more relevant than anyone in the race because of his positions on the war and global warming. And that's really tough to do in the Democratic Party, which treats its failed presidential candidates like members of leper colony."
-- Joe Trippi, Dem Uber-Politico

Jettin' Al has been burning a lot of carbon lately, hopscotching to major media markets to promote his global warming movie, then racing home to Nashville on weekends to train eager enviros in how to present Inconvenient Truth teach-ins or whatever he calls them.

He'll have a mighty carbon penance to pay to achieve his vaunted carbon neutrality.

He says he's doing this because of his consuming interest in being the Global Global Warming Messiah, not because he's running for president ... or is he?
"I am not planning to run for president again. I haven't completely ruled it out."
Has he been taking flip-flop lessons from John Kerry ... or vaguery lessons from Hillary?

Dem insiders like Trippi, who ran Howard Dean's campaign, thinks Al's got a leg up on the other Dem candidates because he doesn't waffle about Iraq -- we shouldn't be there, he thinks -- and he's oh so green. But like I said, Trippi ran the Dean campaign, which hardly gives him cred as someone who understands the Dem mainstream.

Bring on Al with the personal fortune he's amassed -- reportedly enough to spend $50 mil on a campaign. Bring on the bloody primaries. There's hope for the GOP in 2008 yet.

Quote source: AP
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