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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

New Word Of The Year: Over-Hyping

I'm just kidding. Over-hyping isn't the New Oxford American Dictionary's word of the year; it's the seriously over-hyped word -- so over-hyped that it's actually two words -- carbon neutral.

Giddy enviros embrace the concept of computing their "carbon footprint" -- the amount of oogie-boogie carbon emissions they're responsible for each year, then working to get it smaller and smaller and smaller.

It's a noble cause, but not worth bragging about because of course they can't get to zero. No problem. They just buy their way to self righteousness by purchasing carbon offsets -- paying to plant trees or (my favorite) investing in windmill or solar companies.

Classic lefty-rich: Buying your way to a guilt-free life.

But a question for you: Let's say your Stephen Bing, the eco-rich guy who just dumped $50 million trying to tax Californians billions in a quest for moving the state towards carbon neutrality.

You inherited your $100 million or so from grandpa who made his millions by ripping out nature and building decidedly pre-energy conscious buildings. Do you have to factor in Grandpa's stompin' big carbon footprint and try to neutralize that, or do you just ignore all that carbon and pursue your self-righteous pursuits?

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