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Friday, November 10, 2006

George W. Schwarzenegger?

Over the last two years, I've watched with growing disappointment as Gov. Schwarzenegger has become less and less recognizable as a Republican. He always was a liberal Republican, but his transformation into unrecognizable political ectoplasm came after 2005's special election when every one of his initiatives failed.

Humiliated, Schwarzenegger turned away from any attempt to secure a positive position with the Republican base. He hired a Dem chief of staff, turned anti-industry green and yesterday, he said in Mexico City that it's a good thing the Dems swept Congress.

Now I look at W., humiliated, as he failed mightily in the midterms. And I fear that he's lost whatever conservative fire was left in him and is ready to embrace a withdrawl from Iraq as long as it's not called a withdrawl, an amnesty for illegals as long as it's not called an amnesty, and a retreat from any use of his last two years to secure core moral values.

But I also consider the Dems, who this weekend are burning the midnight oil drafting subpoenas and setting up their Congressional hearings strategies, so they can finally get even with the GOP's impeachment of Clinton.

Does W. really want to face these hearings on his heels, or worse, his knees? Going moderate will not save him from the rabid wing of the Democratic party. Recommiting himself to a conservative agenda -- strong on defense, cutting spending, tough on borders -- will allow him to face any investigations with 50% of the American public behind him.

Facing the hearings as a newly recast moderate will give him -- and the GOP in 2008 -- the political viability of, say, a Lincoln Chafee. So an agenda for Bush:
  1. Fight like Hell for Bolton, even though you'll get nowhere ... except to show the Dems to be flagrantly overprotective of the UN.
  2. Push more and more conservative judges up for nomination and make the Dem leadership beat you down. Get the GOP base mad at the Dems, not you.
  3. Demand border security first, then a guest worker program. The Dem win is not an excuse for you to join hands with Nan & Harry and skip into an immigration meltdown.
  4. Demand that the Dems put realistic cost/benefit analysis to the Pelosi propaganda of adopting all the provisions of the 9/11 Commission. Veto the bill if it's not sound.
  5. Do not, do not, do not, do not withdraw from Iraq. Put your fist down firmly on the Iraqi government about stopping the death squads, re-assign most of our troops to train Iraqi police and military and make the Iraqis take the lead on protecting their country, and dying for it.
That just might allow you to exit the White House in 2008 with your head held high, Mr. President, knowing you dealt with all manner of adversity honorably, intelligently and with the nation's best interests in mind.

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