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Friday, November 10, 2006

Where Are The Apostrophes In Victory?

Reader Trish Olsen commented the other day,
If the word "Reuters" appears anywhere in a given news piece, be it story of photograph, it doesn't get the time of day from me.
A sound policy; good for the heath, the blood pressure, the ulcers. Trish's approach would have let me avoid the face-reddening and temple-pounding that occured when reading this line from Reuters reporter Claudia Parson's story about the aftermath of Rumsfeld's resignation, "Al Qaeda Crows Over Rumsfeld:"
Bush said he was open to any idea for a new approach and publicly reaffirmed a belief that "victory" was possible.
I don't believe Bush stood at the podium and signalled little apostrophes with his hands when he said "victory." I believe he said it and meant it and believes it.

For Parsons and/or her editors (wearing Che T-shirts and smoking Gitannes, no doubt) to put the word in quotes is an editorial genuflect to Speaker-to-be Pelosi and her "this isn't a war to win" approach to Iraq; it is not reporting.

Reuters may say it is about "journalism" and "objectivity" and "fairness," but it has been caught once again with its head up its apostrophe.

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