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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A $50 Million Whuppin'!

File this under the best news of election night: Stephen Bing just flushed $50 million down toilet.

The Elizabeth Hurley impregnator, paternity denying, inheritor and squanderer of his grandfather's hard-earned bucks, Mr. Bing contributed $50 million of the $57 million behind Prop. 87, the madcap scheme that would tax every Californian to fund a Socialistic response to global warming.

Californians bought a lot of stupid stuff last night -- most disappointingly, Planned Parenthood's thin-as-smoke arguments against parental notification on abortions -- but they didn't buy Bing's Folly: Prop. 87 was crushed by 620,000 votes, earning a meager 45% of the votes.

A big thank you to two clients, Chevron and Aera Energy, for leading the counter-campaign and proving that even in Dem-dominated California, free enterprise still makes more sense and gets more done than government bureaucracies.

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