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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Day Buzz

I attended an OC tradition today, Christine Iger's election day lunch.

The first one I attended, maybe a decade ago, had 40 or 50 people in attendance. Today: 400+. Politics, unfortunately, is a growing field.

The best joke of the day, from Peter Buffa, former Costa Mesa mayor:
Mark Foley's IM account:
Received: 642
Deleted: 412
Sent: 18,490
Mood of the political junkies in the predominantly GOP gathering: A few felt both the House and Senate would fall to the Dems; most felt only the House would fall; a smaller few felt the GOP would pull through.

Steven Greenhut, the fanatically pro-property rights editorial writer at the OCRegister said he hoped for a sweep in 2006 and another in 2008 ... and another in 2012.
The GOP leadership won't learn in one election cycle. It'll take them 10 years to get the point and truly change themselves into what the constituents want them to be.
Like I tell my clients, never underestimate the cynicism of the media.

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