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Monday, November 06, 2006

Bipartisanship As Defined By Pelosi

San Fran Nan is in an expansive move, according to the SF Chron:
If they win, Democrats will immediately reach out to Bush to find a bipartisan way to begin redeploying troops "outside of Iraq," Pelosi said.
Gee, that's great! Bipartisanship in the name of cutting and running.

And to further this magnanimity, Nan gave a hint of the Dem spirit of bipartisanship:
  • She called GOP leadership a "freak show ... whose purpose is to concentrate wealth into the top 1 percent of our country at the expense of the middle class."
  • She reminded everyone she's called Bush incompetent
  • She pre-accused Republicans of trying to "manipulate the outcome" of the election
  • She said it was the GOP, not the Dems, who are beholden to special interests.
But don't worry. She pledges to restore civility to the House if the Dems win and she becomes Speaker.

h/t: thinkinboutstuff via RCP; Art:
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