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Saturday, November 04, 2006

A Culture Of Corruption

New York's elected financial watchdog, the state's Comptroller, is one corrupt guy. His task is to make sure the people's money is protected, but he himself has blown $170,000 of it having staffers chauffer his wife hither and yon.

An independent attorney hired by Gov. George Pataki just ruled as much, but said it was up to the Gov whether to bring charges against the Controller, Alan Hevesi .

Where is this culture of corruption residing? Hard to tell. The AP story never directly states Helvesi's party affiliation. There's just this, in paragraph 5 of a 6-paragraph story:
The ethics panel said Hevesi apparently had no intention of repaying the state for the three years of service until after his Republican opponent, J. Christopher Callaghan, went public with a complaint.
Oh. That party!

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