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Friday, November 03, 2006

Quote Of The Day: Political "Duh" Edition

"Are [conservatives] so discouraged they're going to participate in any movement to have Howard Dean and Nancy Pelosi [and Harry Reid, for that matter] run the country? No."
-- GOP Pollster Whit Ayres

Unfortunately, the quote ran as paragraph nine in an AP story that tried mightily to hype the Ted Haggard story into another reason for conservatives to stay at home next Tuesday.

The story's hidden agenda is to discourage conservatives from voting in eight states where gay marriage initiatives are on the ballot. The reporter, David Crary, forgets that gay marriage is not a party issue.

Measures banning gay marriage typically pass by 65% or more. If this was a GOP vs. Dem issue, we wouldn't be sitting around worrying about the outcome of Tuesday's election. But it's not; it's an issue that spans party lines, and efforts to turn Haggard's personal failures to the Dem's political advantage aren't just shameless, they're useless.

Art: Slate
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