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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Shortening The War In Iraq

Just as Ramadan and the run-up to US elections spelled a particularly lethal time for our soldiers in Iraq, so has it been for the Iraqi police force: 119 killed and 187 injured.

It's a sign that the "hatred of America" theory for the violence in Iraq is misplaced. It's a hatred of anything that might result in freedom, democracy and the people winning over the power-mongers.

As for the police themselves, they are a noble bunch -- just as noble as our troops. SSG Raymond Drumsta quotes several graduating trainees at the 42nd Infrantry Division blog:
"I want to protect my family,” Subar said. “The family unit is important to this nation. By defending it, I am defending all of Iraq.” ...

“When the insurgents attack Americans, Iraqis suffer,” he said. “I live in Iraq. I have a family. I need security too. I want to help build the security in the new Iraq.” ...

“The most important thing I learned was to be honest and decent while doing my job,” said Salman. “When people respect and trust us, they will help us.”

He is willing to die on the job, he said, since it is a good cause.

“I want security for Iraq, for my family, my children’s family, and even visitors from outside Iraq, because this is a free country,” said Salman. “Everyone is welcome here, except for terrorists, because we want to live in peace.”
Part of the reason so many of these men die in attacks, according to AP, is a lack of armored vehicles, body armor and fortified bases. With nearly as many police force members dying as are injured, that's clearly the case; with our troops, many more survive their injuries, thanks to better equipment, training and medical facilities: 2,817 have died and 33,838 have been wounded.

Turning this around and building up the Iraqi police is just as important as building up the country's army. The Iraqi prez emphasized that yesterday:

Iraqi President Jalal Talabani said on a trip to France that it would take his country two or three years to set up its own security forces and send U.S.-led troops home. ...

"Two to three years are needed to build our security forces and say goodbye to our friends," Talabani said ....
This is an area where other nations could easily step in and help us help the Iraqis. Training, equipment and facilities are needed and it even the French and Spanish could help, purchasing and sending materiel without ever having to actually put themselves in harm's way.

To the extent they and other nations stay removed and unhelpful, they speak for chaos and victory for Islamofascism.

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